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2020-2021 Season


We are currently holding all rehearsals and performances on the zoom platform. Class space will be limited to a maximum of 12 students for optimal focus and class participation. Once we hit the 12 mark we will open up a waitlist to possibly add more productions. In order to add another cast, the waitlist number must reach 12. Parents will fill out all required registration information via our registration system. Please review any participation forms with your child(ren) before class begins.

Once classes begin, there are NO REFUNDS on tuition. Prior to classes beginning, refunds are available minus a $25 fee. As many of you are now used to, students will be featured in their “own box” on Zoom. That said, we are confident that we can provide an “out of the box” experience! WCT wants to do all we can to make sure this virtual experience is as interactive and enjoyable for each student as possible. For the most successful experience we ask the following:

1. Each child must have their own computer or tablet and a good internet connection.
2. Each child should have a quiet and non-distracting environment in which to work, with enough space to move and perform very simple choreography. Siblings should have their own individual devices and not be in the same room.
3. Each child should demonstrate a willingness to send recordings and/or video of singing and choreography for musical numbers. We will be able to record via zoom for some elements of the show and other parts will require submissions for us to edit into our final product. We will support students via zoom when they make these recordings as necessary.

Costumes and props: in consultation with the director, each child will create their own costume from wardrobe items they already have in their home. Similarly, any props the child and director think would be helpful will be sourced from items already in the child’s home.

Final performance viewing: each production will culminate with a live-stream cast and family viewing party of the pre-recorded, edited show. Students’ work from previous Zoom “performance sessions” will be edited into a final cut along with individual submissions of song and dance. Children will also receive a link to the final video file to keep and/or share.

The staff at WCT is committed to giving your children a professional theatre experience. Each child is expected to memorize their lines, songs and choreography. Therefore, time commitment is not casual but rather essential. We ask that when making your choice to become part of our production, that you honor everyone’s time as we will yours. Space is limited. Cast members will be asked to limit or avoid any absences, and to postpone vacations until after the last performance. Once the production is cast, the entire ensemble depends on everyone’s attendance as missing actors are very disruptive to rehearsals. Missing rehearsal=missing material! If a child is consistently disruptive (after redirection and speaking to parents/guardians) or has more than 3 unexplained/unexcused absences, we reserve the right to recast the child’s role or dismiss the child from the program without a refund.

*Westside Children’s Theatre reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
*Westside Children’s Theatre reserves the right to change the show without notice due to class size or otherwise.

Currently, WCT’s programs are generally broken up between grades 1-4 and 5-10 (exceptions can be made by the discretion of the staff on what group best fits the individual needs of the child). Children will be cast in roles which the staff feel are appropriate for their physical, mental and emotional development/capabilities. We will not cast a child in a role where they are set up to fail. We want every child to shine and feel that they have had nothing short of a positive experience. We ask that parents support our staff in each cast decision. Parents have just as an important role in creating a nurturing and positive environment for their child’s theatrical experience. REMEMBER: If you are excited, they will be even more excited!! Just like a sport, we need each and every player to create a team. The kids will grow in leaps and bounds from this experience (socially, and emotionally especially). Theatre is not only confidence building but they will walk away with more of a familial feel than most other “after school activities.” Thank you so much for your support and being part of our team!